Amigurumi Pencil Case Mouse Free Pattern

Pencil case mouse

All smooth loops!

Necessary materials:

YarnArtJeans yarn half cotton in two colors (gray / pink)

Hook number 2

20cm zipper (gray / pink)

Eyes d – 5mm



MR = Magic Ring

Ch: air loop

İnc: increase

Dec: decrease

Sc: single crochet

Sl-st: connecting column

Dc: double crochet


Knit in gray.

1.6 MR

2.6 İnc (12p)

3. (3 Sc, 1İnc) * 3 (15p)

4. (4Sc, 1İnc) * 3 (18p)

5. (5Sc, 1İnc) * 3 (21p)


7. (6Sc, 1İnc) * 3 (24p)

8. (7Sc, 1İnc) * 3 (27p)

9.6Sc, 15İnc, 6Sc (42p)


11. (6Sc, 1İnc) * 6 (48p)

12-16. 48p

Insert the eyes on the mount between 8 and 9 rows

(eye spacing MRs 6 loops)

17. (6Sc, 1Dec) * 6 (42p)

18. (5Sc, 1Dec) * 6 (36p)

19. (4Sc, 1Dec) * 6 (30p) tightly stuffed with filler.

20. (3Sc, 1Dec) * 6 (24p)

21. (2Sc, 1Dec) * 6 (18p)

22. (1Sc, 1Dec) * 6 (12p)

23.6 Dec

Pull the hole with a needle, cut the thread.

We make out the eyes.

We do a little eye tightening, embroider cilia,

eyebrows and nose with pink thread.

Knit ears (2 parts)

We knit the first part of the eye in pink

1.6 MR

2.6 İnc (12p)

3. 1Sc, 1İnc * 6 (18p)

4. 2Sc, 1İnc * 6 (24p) and 1 Sl-st

We make a knot, we hide the thread.

We knit the 2nd part of the eyelet in gray.

1.6 MR

2.6 İnc (12p)

3. (1Sc, 1İnc) * 6 (18p)

4. (2Sc, 1İnc) * 6 (24p) and 1 Sl-st

Add 2 parts (pink and gray)

wrong sides to each other and

knit them together

5. (3Sc, 1İnc) * 6 (30p) and 1Sl-st.

Fold the tip of the ear and knit 2Sc.

Cut the thread, leaving 15cm.

Sew them to the head on the 15th row

(distance between ears 10 Sc)

 Feet (4 parts)

We start knitting in pink:

1.6 MR

2.6 İnc (12p)

3-4. 12p

Change the thread to gray, continue knitting

5-8. 12p

We stuff the paws with a synthetic winterizer to the middle.

9. Fold the paw and knit 4 Sc, fasten the thread and

hide the tips.

Similarly, we knit 3 more legs.


Knit in gray

1- 19. 6Sc

 We knit 2 part.

To knit the base, we need strings of 2 colors (gray / roses).

Knit in gray.

1. We collect a chain of 40 air loops and knit 1 Dc in the 3rd

loop from the hook and continue to knit further 37 Dc (38Dc)

2. We type 3Ch. and deploy the fabric, knit 37 Dc (38p)

And so we continue knitting to the 10th row.

3-10. Knit 38 Dc

11-12. Change the thread color to pink, knit 2 rows

(if desired, you can continue to knit in gray, or any

other color) (38p)

13-14. Change to gray color (38p)

15-16. Change to pink color (38p)

17-18. Change to gray color (38p)

19-20. Change to pink color (38p)

21-28. Knit in gray until the end (38p), make a small knot and

hide the tip.

We prepare our fabric for sewing on zippers.

To do this, we crochet the sides of Sc.

We knit with a pink thread 52-54 Sc (depends on your density of knitting,

the main thing is that from 2 sides there should be an equal number of loops)

Knitting to the end of the row, we knit 1 Ch. and go to the other side


We knit to the end of Sc, we connect at the end the Sl-st pencil case with a loop.

We fix the thread and hide it.

Preparing our zipper.

If the zipper is longer than the canvas, then cut off the end of the zipper and

sew the tip of the cloves.

We try on and fix the zipper on the canvas (English needles) and

sew on.

 We make out our pencil case.

Attach the paws / tail with needles and sew them together with


Sew the remaining paws on the other side.

Sew on the head or glue it with glue gun, like me.

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