Amigurumi Knuckles Free Pattern


Difficulty level: very high


Magic ring: magic ring

V: turn

Ch: string

İnc: increase

Dec: decrease

Sc: low point

Hdc: half high point

C-C: color change

Blo: inner half strand


2.5mm crochet

Wool or cotton thread (preferably): yellow, white, black and red

Wool needle



Lenci cloth: white, light blue and black

Strong glue

Pliers, for when it is difficult to pass the needle when sewing the parts

Synthetic cotton for filling


V1: with yellow, 8Sc in one am

V2: 8İnc (16)

V3: (1Sc 1 İnc) x8 (24)

V4: 1Sc 1 İnc, (2Sc 1 İnc) x7, 1Sc (32)

V5: (3Sc 1 İnc) x8 (40)

V6: 2Sc 1 İnc, (4Sc 1 İnc) x7, 2Sc (48)

V7: (5Sc 1 İnc) x8 (56)

V8 – v18: 56Sc

V19: (12Sc 1Dec) x4 (52)

V20 – v24: 52Sc

V25: (7Sc 1Dec) x5, 7Sc (47)

V26: (5Sc 1Dec) x6, 5Sc (41)

V27: (3Sc 1Dec) x8, 1Sc (33)

V28: (2Sc 1Dec) x8, 1Sc (25)

V29: (1Sc 1Dec) x8, 1Sc (17), fill and close

Highlights (x3):

V1: 4Sc in one am

V2- v8: 4Sc


V1: with white, 6Sc in one am

V2: 6İnc (12)

V3: (1Sc 1 İnc) x6 (18)

V4: 8Sc 2 İnc 8Sc (20)

V5: 1Dec 18Sc (19)

V6: 1Dec 15Sc 1Dec (17)

V7: 1Dec 13Sc 1Dec (15)

V8 – v12: 15Sc

V13: 1 İnc 14Sc (16)

V14: 15Sc 1 İnc (17)

V15: 1 İnc 15Sc 1 İnc (19)

V16: 18Sc 1 İnc (20)

V17: 20Sc

V18: 18Sc 1Dec (19)

V19: 1Dec 15Sc 1Dec (17)

V20: 15Sc 1Dec (16)

V21: 1Dec 14Sc (15)

V22 – v26: 15Sc

V27: 1 İnc 13Sc 1 İnc (17)

V28: 1 İnc 15Sc 1 İnc (19)

V29: 1 İnc 18Sc (20)

V30: 8Sc 2Dec 8Sc (18)

V31: (1Sc 1Dec) x6 (12)

V32: 6Dec, leave long thread and close.

Mustaches x6:

V1: with white, 4Sc in one am

V2: 3Sc 1 İnc

V3: 5Sc

Ears x2:

V1: with yellow, 4Sc in one am

V2: (1Sc 1 İnc) x2 (6)

V3: (2Sc 1 İnc) x2 (8)

V4: (3Sc 1 İnc) x2 (10)

V5: (1 İnc 4Sc) x2 (12)

V6: (5Sc 1 İnc) x2 (14)

V7: (6Sc 1 İnc) x2 (16)

V8: (7Sc 1 İnc) x2 (18)

V9: 4Sc, 4Hdc 1 İnc of Hdc 4Hdc, 4Sc 1 İnc of Sc (20)

V10: 1 Sc İnc, 3Sc, 6Hdc, 1 Hdc İnc, 5Hdc, 4Sc (22)

V11: 5Sc, 5Hdc, 1 İnc of Hdc, 6Hdc, 4Sc 1 İnc of Sc (24)

V12: 6Sc, 5Hdc, 1 İnc of Hdc, 5Hdc, 6Sc, 1 İnc of Sc (25)


V1: with yellow, 8Sc in one am

V2: 8İnc (16)

V3: (1Sc 1 İnc) x8 (24)

V4: 1Sc 1 İnc (2Sc 1 İnc) x 7, 1Sc (32)

V5 – v16: 32Sc

V17: 6Sc 1Dec 16Sc 1Dec 6Sc (30)

V18: (1Sc 1Dec) x10 (20)

V19: (3Sc 1Dec) x4 (16)

V20: 16Sc, leave long strand and close


V1: with white, 11Ch and go back through the chain with 10Sc

V2 – v12: 1Ch and 10Sc


V1: with white, 8Sc in one am

V2: 8İnc (16)

V3 – v5: 16Sc

V6: (6Sc 1Dec) x2 (14)

V7: 14Sc

V8: 7Dec (7)

V9: 3Dec 1Sc (4)

V10: c-c yellow, 4Sc

V11 – v18: 4Sc

Wristbands x2:

V1: with white, 4Sc in one am

V2 – v9: 4Sc

Slippers and legs (x2):

The parts in red are preceded by an (R)

The parts in white are preceded by a (B)

V1: with black, 9Ch and return with 7Sc 1 İnc, turn and make 7Sc 1 İnc

V2: 1 İnc 6Sc 3 İnc 6Sc 2 İnc

V3: 1Sc 1 İnc, 6Sc, (1Sc 1 İnc) x3, 6Sc, (1Sc 1 İnc) x2

V4: 2Sc 1 İnc, 6Sc, (2Sc 1 İnc) x3, 6Sc, (2Sc 1 İnc) x2

V5: in Blo 36Sc

V6: (R): 6Sc, (B) 4Sc 12Hdc 4Sc; (R) 10Sc

V7: (R) 6Sc; (B) 4Sc, 5Hdc, 1Dec of Hdc, 5Hdc, 4Sc; (R) 10Sc (35)

V8: (R) 6Sc; (B) 4Sc, 3Hdc, 3Dec of Hdc, 2Hdc, 4Sc; (R) 10Sc (32)

V9: (R) 6Sc; (B) 4Sc, 4Dec of Hdc, 4Sc; (R) 8Sc 1Dec (27)

V10: (R) 2Sc 1Dec 2Sc; (B) 1Dec 2Sc, 2Dec of Hdc, 2Sc 1Dec; (R) (2Sc 1Dec) x2, 1Sc


V11: (R) 2Sc 1Dec 1Sc; (B) 1Dec 1Sc, 1Dec of Hdc, 1Sc 1Dec; (R) (1Sc 1Dec) x2, 1Sc,

(14) fill

V12: c-c white, 7Dec (7)

When we put only the abbreviation “Dec” of “decrease” or “a” of

“Increase” is assumed to ALWAYS be a decrease or increase of a

low point, the decreases or increases of other types of points, in

this case of high midpoints (Hdc), will be specified when


X4 socks:

V1: with target, 4Sc in a Magic ring

V2 – v11: 4Sc

 V13: 5Sc 1Dec (6)

V14: c-c yellow, 6Sc

V15 – v25: 6Sc, leave long strand and cut

Tail (x2):

V1: with target, 6Sc in a Magic ring

V2: 6Sc

V3: 5Sc 1 İnc (7)

V4: 1 İnc 5Sc 1 İnc (9)

V5: 2 İnc 5Hdc 2 İnc (13)

V6: 4Sc; (1Hdc, 1 Hdc İnc) x2, 1Hdc; 4Sc (15)

V7: 3Sc 1 İnc, 7Hdc, 1 İnc 3Sc (17)

V8: 1 İnc 4Sc; (1 Hdc İnc, 1Hdc) x3, 1Hdc; 4Sc 1 İnc (22)

V9 -v10: 5Sc 12Hdc 5Sc (22)

V11: 4Sc 14Hdc 4Sc (22)

V12: 4Sc; (3Hdc, 1 Hdc İnc) x3, 2Hdc; 4Sc (25)

V13: 4Sc 17Hdc 4Sc (25)

V14: c-c yellow, 4Sc 17Hdc 4Sc (25)

V15 – v16: 4Sc 17Hdc 4Sc (25)

V17: 4Sc; 6Hdc, 1Dec of Hdc, 1Hdc, 1Dec of Hdc, 6Hdc; 4Sc (23)

V18: 4Sc; 6Hdc, 1Dec from 3Hdc to 1, 6Hdc; 4Sc (21)

V19: 6Sc 9Hdc 6Sc (21)

V20: 5Sc; 4Hdc, 1Dec of 3Hdc in 1, 4Hdc 5Sc (19)

V21: 4Sc 11Hdc 4Sc (19), fill

V22: 4Sc; 4Hdc, 1Dec from 3Hdc to 1,4Hdc; 4Sc (17)

V23: 4Sc; 3Dec of 3Hdc in 1; 4Sc (11)

V24: (1Sc 1Dec) x3, 2Sc (8)

V25: 2Sc 4Hdc 2Sc, leave long thread and close


We will start by cutting 2 pieces of white lenci cloth to form the eyes,

as seen in the image. We hit.

Then we position the snout with pins and sew on the bottom margin

of the eyes we glue

It is important that when sewing

we have the bottom

like inside the

chin, as shown by

green Arrow. Fuchsito is

where we should sew.

The celestial zone must

be free for later

embroider the nose

Then we sew the ears in the position shown in the images

Then we sew the body,

when we have a little

space as seen in the

image, we fill in even more

so that it fits us well

sign the neck and then

we finished closing

Then we sew the belly and

the legs

  We continue with the arms

Then the tails

Now we cut 2 pieces of white lenci cloth the size and shape that

see in the picture and stick them to the ears

Then we cut 2 light blue and 2 black ovals, paste.

Now we embroider the nose

We continue sewing the whiskers to the muzzle in the positions seen in the

image, there are 3 on each side

Now we sew the wristbands and socks. There are 2 socks on each leg and

a wrist strap on each arm. We must pass the needle through the

arms and legs to be firm.

Finally, we sew the highlights on the forehead

And you already have Tails, congratulations!

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